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How covid 19 changed my life

And yes this is totally random

COVID 19 has done a lot of damage to all of us, wether it be being separated from friends, bored all the time, forgetting what people even look like! Etc… Ect… I will tell you that life has been hard with not being able to hangout with friends and being stuck at home all the time. I really stinks… Alot!! I hope that you guys and girls have been hanging in there and have been happy.

GOD bless,


Is your username and password safe?

Lesson 1

safe usernames and passwords


Hi awesome bloggers! To day I will be doing something a little differently, I will be giving out some info on how to stay safe online! I hope you enjoy!


Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this page for more info and the quiz. Make sure to listen/read carefully, I will be able to see how you do… …. Good



Thank you. ~ Elijah.E


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Hi I’m Elijah and in this lesson we will be learning about safe usernames and passwords, let’s get started!!


So first  let’s talk about usernames, what is a username?


A username (also called a screen name) is how you identify yourself to other people and on web sites, so it’s important to give some thought to what you choose.


Your username should include letters and maybe numbers. It should not include the following– your real name, birthday, address, nicknames, school names or mascots, team names or positions, or anything else that could lead someone to you.


What might happen if you do not have a safe username is a predator can find your house and rob you or hurt you.


Now let’s talk about passwords, a password lets you access your personal stuff, your password should have numbers, letters and symbols. It should be hard to guess.


If you do not have a safe password your computer could be hacked and your personal stuff looked at, bank accounts stolen, you could be impersonated and all kinds of bad things.


You should have a separate password for all of your accounts, because if a hacker gets a hold of your password he only has access to one thing instead of having access to all of your stuff.


You should be the only one along with your parents to know your password so that one on eltes knows it. You should not trust friends because your friendship might change some day, hopefully that does not happen but you never know.


Thank you for watching.


And by the way, don’t forget to take the quiz that goes along with this lesson.


More info:


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The next lesson:


I will be doing more lessons on staying safe online so stay posted!


The next lesson is on Cyberbullying.

Are you a Cyberbully? Find out soon…

02.05 Setting Goals part 2 MS Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Learning Strategies

  1. One of my goals is to become assistant religious educator in the next school year.

Short term steps

  • I need to ask my parents if I can be an assistant.
  • I need to ask Mrs Hammond if I can be a assistant.
  • I need to ask the person that I am hoping to assist next year.
  • I need to ask for training.

Long term steps

  • I must get confirmed before I can become a assistant.


  1. To make the CC team and run a mile in 5 minutes.

Short term steps

  • I need to start running 1 mile every two days.

Long term steps.

  • I need to run 10K every other day so that 1 mile will be a brees.


  1. To type 22 wpm with 99 % accuracy before keyboarding is done.

Short term steps

  • I need to do my typing every day for 20 mins.
  • I need to do all the exercises.


Long term steps

  • I need to do all of the exercises 2 times.


  1. To finish my book Pirates of the Caspian Sea..


Short term steps

  • I need to get my school done so that I have time to work on it.

Long term steps

  • I need to work on it when I have free time.


  1. To live in the same state so that I can take care of there animals when they get old or go on a vacation.

Short term steps

  • I need to save up money so that I can buy a house.

Long term steps

  • I need to stay in New hampshire and not move to Hawaii.

just4 fun

A man walked out of the bar and got in his car and a policeman came over. “Sir, your eyes seem to bloodshot. Have you been drinking?” “Officer, your eyes seem glazed. Have you been eating donuts?”🍩🍺😁


I like your approach…let’s see your departure.🔙🔜

Yo’mama jokes

Yo’mama’s teeth are so yellow, when she smiles, cars slow down!

Yo’mama’s so fat, the Wether Station names each one of her farts!!

Yo’mama’s so fat when she go’s to the zoo the elephants throw her peanuts!

Yo’mama’s so fat, I swerved to miss her and ran our of gas!!

Yo’mama’s so dumb she got on the roof because they said “drinks are on the house”!

Yo’mama’s so dumb you’re dad said it was chilly out side and she ran out with a spoon!

Yo’mam’s so dumb, when she saw the sign that said “Air Port Left” she turned around and went home.


 Yo’mama’s so dumb she sold her car for gas money!


Thank you for reading!!

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